About Dog Bandanas


Dog bandannas can make your dog really stand out amount other pets anywhere you go. They come in different bright colors and beautiful designs that you can even wear the one that complements your outfit on your dog.

Dogs can’t talk. But we can tell that he feels they are unique and different from other dogs when wearing a bandanas. And he can feel the love when you tie up the bandanas for him.

Yes, Our dog bandanas are made of dog-friendly fabric. It can even help prevent dogs from harmful UV exposure on sunny days.

You need to be able to easily fit two or more of your fingers under the bandanas after you’ve tied the knot. If not, untie and retie until it fits properly.

1. Fold your bandanas in half, to create a triangle.
2. Roll bandanas two or three times, starting with the hypotenuse of the triangle. So the bandanas won’t be too big for a small dog.
3. Tie bandanas loosely around your dog’s neck, and then you gonna just need to tie it.
4. Make sure you can take two fingers and slip between the bandanas and your dog’s neck.