About Us

It all began when I can’t find a dog bandanas fit my dog Enzo.When I adopted my dog Enzo. I bought a lot of stuff for my dog, including dog bandanas. I faced a big problem when I wear the bandanas for Enzo: Enzo doesn’t like to wear the bandanas I bought!

Most of the bandanas on the market roughrigid, and poor workmanship…most of the bandanas are too small for my dog. Seriously. I’ve bought the biggest size already…So there is no one care about a bandanas for a dog? Nope. But some have nice stylish but it’s too small. And others on the contrary.

So I decide to make my own brand.  As I am running a custom T-shirt shop, everything is easy.After surveying over 100 dog people, I figure the factor they most care about for dog bandanas. Then I start looking for the right febric and design. 3 months later, we have a team who are on the same wavelength and this website: Mydogbandanas.com

I’m so excited to be able to provide the bandanas that can meet the requirement of dogkeeper : Eco-conscioushigh quality, and super comfortable!